Kathleen Waller is a writer and teacher currently based in Vienna. Hailing from Lexington, Massachusetts, Kathleen has lived in Maine, Boston, Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong before becoming the department head of English at Vienna International School.  During her summers and free time, Kathleen writes fiction, poetry, and essays as well as mixed genre reflections on this website’s blog: feuilletons and flaneurisms.  She draws on her travels and experience of cultural dissonance in her work as well as her love for sport, nature, and the arts. She is currently working on her second novel.


Links to Kathleen’s work can be found on the Writing page.  Her first novel, The White Night, can be found on Amazon and her recent PhD dissertation can be downloaded from the HKU Scholars Hub for free. Kathleen has just published two education related books with Hodder and is working on a second novel.

Freelance Work

Kathleen has completed several translations (French to English) and editing projects (academic, websites, fiction) and is available for contact on similar requests. 

She also conducts workshops related to the International Baccalaureate, technology in education, creative writing, and learning through case studies.