A Hong Kong Story 

A juxtaposition of Ivy’s solitary navigation with Hong Kong's journey in the 2010's.  A story about divergence, culture, and love.

What do you do when the future’s suddenly unclear?

*Part I serialized on The Matterhorn: truth in fiction.*

The White Night

Nuit Blanche - a nightlong festival when people forget about time - dissonance in the warped moonlight...

Catherine James has a brain tumor. To the surprise, and sometimes disgust, of others, she has accepted her fate, but there is still something lurking that will not let her mind rest. A widowed mother, Catherine has just returned to her expatriate painter’s life in Paris. Unbidden flashbacks appear, allowing her to piece together the fragments of her life: solitary adventures, falling in love, the undulations of family relationships, the entrapment on the Naples military base. She tries to tell herself she had not secretly wished for the tragedy in the dangerous, snowy Alps.

©Palette et Papier Publishing, 2014, 306 pages 

Novels in progress

An Interpreter in Vienna 

*serialized on The Matterhorn

A psychological thriller and response to Graham Greene's The Third Man.

Current projects

The Young Man from Brooklyn 

Set in Maine; a tale about falling in love with nature and navigating the battles about our climate.

Sequel to The White Night - no title

Thriller trilogy - to follow An Interpreter in Vienna

© Copyright Kathleen Waller

All photographs by Kathleen Waller